Our Process

Delta Building Systems offers a streamlined construction process designed to ensure the success of your commercial or industrial construction project.


Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is the first step in the project development process. During this phase we listen to the needs and desires of the client for their project. Our team then carefully examines the details of the design by estimating cost, analyzing project feasibility, constituting architectural designs, and assembling all of the data and paperwork you require to get things moving in the right direction.


Design Phase

During the Design Phase our design team defines all aspects of the project functionality for each element of the project. Detailed project drawings are created that show the locations of all hardware and pre-wire drops. All hardware and labor are defined with exacting detail. We then meet with the client to deliver this information for them to review, provide feedback and revise until approval is received.


Contract Phase

Now it’s time for the project team to order and obtain materials, equipment, and workforce. Reliable, stable, and durable supplies are a must for ensuring that your project stands the test of time. At Delta Building Systems, we are able to collect the top-quality products and resources that your project demands.


Construction Phase 1

A pre-construction meeting is done before construction begins to ensure that everyone is on the same page when the construction starts. This meeting details how to access the job site, the quality control of the project, how and where to store all materials, and the hours that everyone will be working.


Construction Phase 2

With boots on the ground, we begin developing your project from the ground up. With a carefully composed timeline and completion rate, we strictly adhere to our specifications and reputation of integrity, quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.


Delivery Phase

After everything for the project has been checked, our team trains the client in operating and maintaining the newly built structure. Our expectation of quality will not allow your project to be completely finished until we know we have provided you with the value of excellence that it deserves.

The team at Delta Building Systems are extremely detail oriented, trustworthy, and they know how to move a project along on time and within budget.

Nicholas R.