Advantages of Choosing Design-Build Construction

Design Build

Are you considering a building project?  If so, you may have heard of design-build project delivery.

Design-build is the fastest growing and most popular method used to deliver construction projects in the United States.

Instead of having a separate architect (who does not know what things cost, or what things might be overly complex to build), and a separate builder, everything is wrapped into one firm that does it all.

Advantages include:

One Point of Contact

Rather than work with multiple entities, an owner manages just one contract with one single point of contact.

Design-Build Reduces Costs

Research has shown that design-build projects can save approximately 6% in project cost when compared to traditional methods.

Faster Project Delivery

Speed is often the main reason owners chose the design-build method. According to studies, these projects are completed 12% faster than other methods.

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Brett H. Butler